Thunder Cats

The characters, vehicles and fortresses that my team designed came to life in the leading TV cartoon series of the mid eighties, THUNDERCATS! Soon, the toys became the best sellers of the time, and now they are coveted collectors items. All that came before Longoria Design. I put them here just for fun. It was […]

Game Pool Light

Our client, GAME group, a start-up company at that time, gave us a challenge: How to establish themselves in the pool industry when most items were commodities purchased from established vendors. Our Solution: The Underwater Light Show, an inexpensive, patented, flickering marvel that floats in your pool transforming it into a starry night spectacle. It’s […]


We designed the motion of the traditional gym. As the arms sway to the music, all the toys now move together Its mesmerizing! and babies love it!Here is what real moms have to say:

Knot Out

Are you a CAT or a DOG person? Whatever your obsession, a good rule of thumb is: Don’t pull your friend’s hair!Knot-Out removes knots and tangles without pulling. This patented design separates knots along the grain of the fur without causing any discomfort. Instead of pulling, it slices through the knots with fully shielded blades […]

Crayola Trace and Draw + iMarker

Crayola’s line took CES by storm, some bloggers calling it “best in show”. We were able to bring basic play value to the newly introduced Apple iPad with the Crayola product line. The HD studio iMarker and the Trace & Draw case created new opportunities for the crayon company beyond the craft isle, And expanded […]

Easy Bake

Originally designed as a chef’s tool, our patented idea relies on three advantages to stand out: Effortless application of frosting, quick swapping between color cartridges and and easy clean up. All these features felt just right for children’s products so we approached our licensee and managed to partner with this historic brand, America’s beloved “Easy […]

Apple Store

Rarely, pristine brands come together. We conceived bringing the coolest kid brand, Crayola, to the most prestigious retail space in the world, the Apple Store, then designed these products to make it happen! Light Board Trace premiered at the apple store initiating the iPad as a kid safe product year 1. Trace and Draw and […]


Entering this competitive market place was a challenge, Even when Conair turned us down at first, we knew we had a special concept in “Quick Braid”. Luckily, their European counterparts, Babylyss, UK gave us the opportunity we were hoping for; If we tooled the product, they would distribute it. With the perfect manufacturing partners, we […]